Archaeons by Alison Knox
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Metatron Azrael Michael
Raphael Gabriel Uriel

The experience of painting these incredible new angels was unlike anything I had ever undertaken so far. Since October 2007, I had merely a “sense” of them, I knew they would be HUGE and I knew they would require total commitment and focus. I had been gathering various crystals and pigments, essences and metals and larger pots of paint than usual! The canvas’ ordered were 6ft x 2ft and even as they arrived in their packaging, I could feel the vibration within. The “blank” canvas’ felt like “naked” angels, their energy was already imprinting into them before I had even lifted a brush. My workroom is quite small, the only way I could accommodate what had to be done was to work on top of a series of crates, in effect work flat rather than at an easel. This meant I could work fast and, as usual, had no real sense of what the finished results would look like. Instead of my brushes I now employed a trowel style knife, and the paint was applied fast and liberally, almost surgically. I began to sense structure and form taking shape. Into this I had to incorporate whatever crystals and pigments, metals and even sound, as guided. As the energies started to focus and integrate, my sense was that they had dreadful “hangovers”, they felt disorientated and raw, fragile and wobbly. They had to lie down in my back bedroom until they were feeling OK. During the creation process, I had to play a CD called “Angel Codes” by Tom Kenyon. To be honest, at first hearing this sounded to me like constipation, certainly something rather painful. As I played it over and over, I realised it was infact the birthing sounds which were helping these energies to emerge and manifest. They needed that vibration to help them through. So, within a week or so, I had 6 very unusual “angels” living in my back bedroom, waiting for their moment of delivery. The moment they awaited was Solstice, 22nd Dec 2007. At the time of the Winter Solstice I had no point of reference for these newly upgraded Angels, it seemed inappropriate to refer to them still as “Archangels” , when clearly they were no longer that . I had to trust, and let the matter ride . . . . until . . .


This Divinely Inspired writing was channelled by Alison Knox on 23rd November 2008. These are the words of a Consciousness which appeared as a large painted artwork early in 2008. Until this moment of revelation, on a beach in Bournemouth, it had remained intriguingly silent. The catalyst of connection being a large quartz crystal skull owned by Hilary Hargreaves  and Mark Brittain of the School of Inner Light. This seems to have provided the communication link.  The original painting now resides with Hilary and Mark at their teaching centre in Bournemouth that it may continue its work in safe hands.


You may freely share or circulate this information as long as the contents are not changed in any way and context is upheld. All material is the Copyright of Alison Knox of Everyday Angels/Archaeons 2007 and appropriate attribution should be made to itís provenance. All intellectual property is protected by Law and Karma! Thank you for helping to spread the Light!