Archaeons by Alison Knox
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“Remember; there is one Word you are here to say with all your being. When you find it; give your life to it. Don’t be tight lipped and stingy.
Oriah Mountain Dreamer: The Call


ARCHAEoNS: This word came into being on 24th Dec 2007, 2 days after the initial work was undertaken on the Solstice of 22nd Dec. Until this moment, the group of paintings had no name by which they could be known, other than their individual names. They were definitely no longer Archangels and it felt inappropriate to continue referring to them as such. .

The ARCHAEoNS, refers to a Collective Consciousness of Illumined Beings previously known in status as “Archangels”, now an Ascended vibration.

Please note: Of course, the original status of “Archangel” is still absolutely relevant and is accessible to all who wish to connect at that level. Nothing at Archangel level has been taken away, diminished or denied.

Six of the familiar Archangels presented themselves as Principles of The Godhead, to undertake a new position in the hierarchy and act as direct communicants between God and humanity.

The Archangels who stepped forward to undertake this momentous task were:


( I am advise that these familiar “names” will simply serve them for a while until we are ready to hear their True Names. )

  • THE ARCHAEoNS refers to these individuals within this Collective group.

  • As individuals each is an ARCHAEoN. Each name is prefixed with ARCHAEoN (METATRoN) etc.

  • As a single unified Collective, the name is ARCHAEoN. In this form each energy is entirely superimposed upon the other to form a single Avatar composite. The unified energies look quite uniquely different to the individual personality aspects and form an entirely separate image.

This Energy is represented by a series of 7 painted canvas’ (although there will yet be more to join this original Group in due course) each carrying an aspect of ARCHAEoN. These Aspects, or Principles have particular specialities and functions and quite distinctly different personalities. They are an experience that goes beyond mere artforms.

The word or name has sounded familiar to many ears because it was indeed already imprinted within humanity at a soul level, awaiting the moment of remembering and awakening. You will note the peculiar use of lettering throughout the written elements. . . this is soley to do with the vibrational imprinting of these energies, not an affectation or artistic whim on my behalf.

It is important to notice how the word is created with the specific use of capitalisation and the lower case “o”. This related to the energy imprint of the word and although when spoken there is no discernable inflection, the emphasis has been placed there by intention. And so it is with the individual names.

The word ARCHAEoN was delivered in stages, I had to allow it to show itself and to form and to settle before it could be fully recognised and expressed. After the initial connection of 22nd Dec, I had been in conversation with two of the participants Hilary Hargreaves and Mark Brittain, they had proffered the word “ARCON” as a possible name for this group of Beings. It would have been easy for me to get all warm and fluffy about that word, as one of my own Spirit Guides happens to be called “Arcon” and it could have all felt like a lovely co-incidence, and tied up the loose ends beautifully. However, I knew it didn’t feel right, it was not quite fitting. The full picture was delivered later as I undertook to send my friends an e-mail. This is how it happened.


An extract from the e-mail sent on 24th Dec to Hilary and Mark:

"I was doing a bit of mindless tasking this afternoon and your word "Archon" came fluttering into my mind. I looked it up in my trusty old "Dictionary of Angels" and it said: "Archons are rulers, angels set over nations and identified or equated with aeons.
"Aeons" then takes me to a description of a celestial power of high order , a term designated to the first created being or beings with Abraxis at the head, also an emanation of God. They are attributed with being the hypostatized thoughts of God. They emanate in pairs male and female and together form the plethora or fullness of God.

I also get a sense of time(lessness) and infinity attached to the aeons aspect of the word. It is as though these Beings now span the beginning and the end of what we could ever perceive as "time. So, what I am getting is actually "Archaeon" as the collective name for what they now are.

The word ARCHAEoNS entered my consciousness like a large Multiplex Cinema screen, where the letters came flying in one after the other and arranged themselves in “order” to create this new and most powerful word. Now, it must be imprinted upon the consciousness of all, for I believe it holds the keys to our future.

You may freely share or circulate this information as long as the contents are not changed in any way and context is upheld. All material is the Copyright of Alison Knox of Everyday Angels/Archaeons 2007 and appropriate attribution should be made to itís provenance. All intellectual property is protected by Law and Karma! Thank you for helping to spread the Light!