Archaeons by Alison Knox
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Alison and the Archaeons

“On 9th October 2007, I received a “Clarion Call” from the Legions of Illumined Truth – an undertaking so great in magnitude that I was spared the details of exactly what it would entail.

My unconditional acceptance of this invitation delivered an experience that will have ongoing repercussions for whatever remains of my life. . . and possibly beyond.

There were two things asked of me, which together created the whole.

  • To bring in the 6 Archangels as a series of paintings which would portray them in a new and ascended energy, for they too have accepted and undertaken a role unprecedented in the history of both Angelic and Human evolution. They have agreed to spearhead a “moment” of sublimation where Humanity and Light become as One.

  • To call together and facilitate a group of 12 Lightworkers who would anchor and assimilate this energy into the Earth plane and represent Humanity in acceptance of this most precious and Divine Gift. The date given was 22nd December 2007, the Winter Solstice.

You may freely share or circulate this information as long as the contents are not changed in any way and context is upheld. All material is the Copyright of Alison Knox of Everyday Angels/Archaeons 2007 and appropriate attribution should be made to itís provenance. All intellectual property is protected by Law and Karma! Thank you for helping to spread the Light!