Archaeons by Alison Knox
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The Message of The ARCHAEoNS

“ Beloveds; we come not to deliver you from your Human state, but to celebrate you for the magnificent and able Beings that you are.

We stand before you in all humbleness and embrace you, as Light touches Light, our edges soften and blur to become as One

We have felt your anticipation and wonderment from the start; we seeded the possibility within your souls, before you ever came here, that you would know when you were called.

We seem familiar. . yes?

You have indeed known us, Lifetime to Lifetime, as each page was turned our names were written, beside your own, in Script of Light.

We know you; as you know us, it is a Universal and intimate union.

Beloveds, accept your place in our Hearts, for you can do what we cannot.

You, can speak our Silence directly into the Heart of Humanity, flesh to flesh, bone to bone, delivered on Wings of Light.

Our allegiance is absolute; we are here, and we have declared our Truth.
Will you declare yours?”

The Collective Speak

“ I Metatron, have taken you to the Void, that you may make your choice, to declare your Self, or turn away.
My Silence is held in the moment between the thunder and the lightening, the prickling density of nothingness that crouches, taught and honed, ready to explode with Light and render those eyes opened wide in the blindness of the all seeing.
My Silence is the voice you have longed for, the one you have entreated to answer your prayers before you yet knew how to pray. Hear it now, and feel my voice, upon your Soul as it trembles with the fear of the unknown. I am steadfast and unflinching”

“ Fear paralyzes; rendering the soul incapable of action or thought. I Azrael hold the Heart of Humankind and know it for what it is; a powerful and magnificent tool facilitating discernment and guiding will. For many, the prospect of choosing change, even to improve the direst of circumstances, cannot be entertained. I am here to tell you; change nothing and nothing changes. I can show you the way, but I cannot undertake your path. This is your journey and you will walk it, only when you know what it is to be fearless.”

“ When you have abandoned fear; call on me, Michael, and I will offer you my own Sword of Truth , which will cut you free from the last vestiges of your enslavement. It is a mighty weapon, but I will not wield it for you, only offer it that you may take it in your own hands. Your courage will give you strength to lift that hilt and swing the blade of Light so high you cannot fail to sever that which holds you back. Your intention renders that sacred metal as nothing in your hands, and its Light, as it falls, purifies and cuts clean”

“ Healing takes courage Beloved, and you will now heal your Self. I Raphael can show you where the balms and ointments of pureness are to be found, that you may apply them to the bloodied rawness and pain of the wounds you have opened in your own release from the shackles of fear and doubt. Those self inflicted chains have dug deep and human flesh is soft and pale as dawn, it takes not well to this debasement. In healing, you are restored to wholeness and in wholeness you be”

“ My Gift to you was never seen, as your eyes were still closed to potential and averted to the Truth. I Gabriel have been entrusted with this cargo, as precious as the very moment of Creation and as beautiful. In freedom from fear, and with the courage to face the change that brings, you have been freed from your shackles.
The pain they brought you is no more; healed with Self love and reduced to mere distant echoes of what was, so faint and hollow it is as nothing. Now is the time to embrace me, accept the gift, reclaim what is already yours.”

“ The Peace you seek is here; I Uriel hold the keys to your moment of acceptance.
I hold them out to you, that you may take them, and feel the lightness of their being within your grasp. Eternity has waited for this moment, and I am its custodian, the keeper of the Silence and the bringer of the Stillness. When your Heart has wept enough, and its tears have fallen, salted, upon the face of Creation, you will know my Peace, and hold it treasured. Within Peace you find All, and within All, peace”

We stand before you in all humbleness and declare ourselves. We offer only our strength, our wisdom, our immeasurable gratitude, and our eternal Love; for all you are, all you have been, and all you ever will be. It is enough.

You may freely share or circulate this information as long as the contents are not changed in any way and context is upheld. All material is the Copyright of Alison Knox of Everyday Angels/Archaeons 2007 and appropriate attribution should be made to itís provenance. All intellectual property is protected by Law and Karma! Thank you for helping to spread the Light!