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NOVEMBER 2011- confluence - 10 Nov 2011
ARCHAEoNS MESSAGE FOR NOVEMBER 2011 Beloveds, We stand before you in all humbleness that we may deliver our Love within our words. You are living in, and through exceptional times in human history. You are being evolved in a way that you have no capacity to explain or to understand. It is all about feelings and sensitivities, extreme in some experiences, the feeling of being supralive or deathed in an instant. Is this normal? There is no normal to hold onto now, you simply have to accept what is. It serves you not to fight it as you will lose your momentum faster than ever and simply feed what energy you have into an empty void. Conserve. Reserve your physical energies for things that contribute to your wellbeing and spiritual growth. Imagine a confluence of river and sea at an estuary point. Water is brackish as salt and fresh water flow together. Sometimes the heavier salt water is more dominant, and sometimes the lighter fresh water. To move through this uneven medium is difficult as the salt water creates more density and resistance, where as the fresh water feels easier and lighter. To swim or sail in such waters is difficult and a little dangerous as currents can change and disorientate. So it is now with this energy field. There is also the quicksand. The ground looks solid enough but when the unaware or un awakened Being strides out it becomes entrapped, and sinks deeper with the struggle of trying to release itself. It is better not to struggle. This too is how it is right now. The potential to be sucked in and sucked down is great. Vigilance and attention are needed at all times. Let us use the analogy of the release tactic for the quicksand victim, where water is pumped around the suckered feet, liquefying the solid sand allowing freedom. We entreat you to pour Love, from the heart centre as your mechanism of release. When you see someone is mired , it is Love you need to offer, even though it is likely that in fear and panic your offer will be rejected and dismissed in the belief that something more practical and tangible is needed. Rise above the rejection and discomfort of their refusal and continue to offer only Love ; as it will be your own salvation too. Remember; When “All That is Not” falls away: “All That Is” remains. For now we take our leave and allow you to consider our words. Please use your own discernment, choose wisely your counsel and share freely your knowledge and experiences in humbleness and truth. On Wings of Light ARCHAEoN 10.11.11

You may freely share or circulate this information as long as the contents are not changed in any way and context is upheld. All material is the Copyright of Alison Knox of Everyday Angels/Archaeons 2007 and appropriate attribution should be made to it’s provenance. All intellectual property is protected by Law and Karma! Thank you for helping to spread the Light!