Archaeons by Alison Knox
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A Legal Obligation


“It is my responsibility to point out that my work as an artist is a personal expression of my Spiritual knowledge and belief. I make no particular claims as to how my work may effect an individual, and appreciate that like all art, it is a very personal journey and connection. I charge only for my work as an artist, not for the particular image portrayed.

My workshops and talks clearly offer an opportunity to share a personal experience and to facilitate the possibility for individuals to recognise their own potential. I charge only for my time, venue facilities, and the preparation of the materials used during the session. Individuals may choose whether to participate or not.

Any advice or guidance I give, through my art or through my personal interaction with individuals should be followed only if an individual chooses to do so of their own free will. 

I will always honour and uphold an individuals right to discern whether my work is something they wish to embrace within their lives, or not.” 


This statement is willingly made to uphold the legal requirement of The Consumer Protection Regulations (2007) which incorporates an “Unfair Commercial Practices Directive”  which means that from 2008 all Mediums, Healers, Psychics and any other Spiritual services will become subject to consumer law.

You may freely share or circulate this information as long as the contents are not changed in any way and context is upheld. All material is the Copyright of Alison Knox of Everyday Angels/Archaeons 2007 and appropriate attribution should be made to itís provenance. All intellectual property is protected by Law and Karma! Thank you for helping to spread the Light!