Monthly Meditation with my 6 Archangels at the magnificent Gorton Monastery throughout 2017.
First Session  from 12 to 1.00
Second Session from 2 to 3.00
Each session will be approx 1 hour supported by one of Ian Richmonds specially created Soundscapes for a deep,
powerful and potentially transformational experience. 

Please do check with the Monastery website incase there has had to be a change of arrangements at any time.

Jan 8th
Feb 5th ~ guided by AA Metatron ~ the Challenger
March 5th ~ guided by AA Azrael ~ The facilitator of change
April 2nd ~ guided by AA Michael ~ the liberator
May 7th ~ guided by AA Raphael ~ the healer
June 4th ~ guided by AA Gabriel ~ The bringer of the gift and life
July 2nd ~ guided by AA Uriel ~ Beloved peace 
Aug 6th 
Sept 3rd
October 1st
November 5th
Dec 3rd 

If you live in, or can get to Nottingham for 09.00 on the relevant sunday and would like a lift with me, please contact me directly to make arrangements. I can accomodate 4 passengers on a "first come first served" basis. Call 07768 153526 or email and put GORTON LIFT in the message box. Do not assume I have recieved your request until you hear from me personally.  A contribution of £5 towards fuel cost will be welcome. x 

I look forward to welcoming you to a warm embrace of the divine 


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