What is The Awakening Prayer?

The original Awakening Prayer was channelled to Alison Knox in 2018 having begun its journey into her consciousness a few years earlier through other works she had created.

Since its emergence in its final form in 2018, she has been offering it as a meditation each month at Gorton Monastery where it has been able to find its voice and impact and to provide a deep and intimate experience for those choosing to align with it on their own journey.

Despite it’s title “Prayer” it holds no religious influence; but the word denotes its sacred nature and origins as a divine gift. There is a particular way in which it can be read which creates an energy into which the words may become optimally delivered.

In more recent times; the Awakening Prayer was reintroduced to Gorton Monastery after a period of closure during the covid lockdown. The outcome of that reintroduction was a divinely inspired collaboration with John Hofton who was able to put the Prayer to music to create a vehicle of sound into which the words are held and given their wings and voice.